Quincy is home to several vibrant shopping destinations, making it a regional commercial magnet. From the river on the west to I-172 on the east, there are shops for every taste.

The Historic Quincy Business District is home to over 600 businesses. From small specialty boutiques to Blessing Hospital, from the charming streets of old German “Calf Town” to bustling Washington Square (famously the site of the 5th Lincoln-Douglas debates) with its thriving businesses, the District is an integral part of the commercial life of Quincy.

Medical service providers cluster around Quincy Medical Group centered at 6th and Maine and around Blessing Health Systems at 11th and Broadway.

The Broadway Retail Corridor is four miles of national chain stores, locally owned family businesses and the 600,000 square foot Quincy Mall.

The east end of town is becoming a big-box retail center, with hundreds of businesses in Quincy Commons, Q Center, Prairie Crossing and other developments.

Farmer’s Markets in Washington Square and Quincy Mall, together with consumer-oriented farms along the fringes of town put fresh, locally-grown food on many tables in Quincy.

Quincy has something for nearly every shopping need or impulse, and quite a few surprises as well!