Location & Transportation

Location & Transportation

Quincy’s location has long been one of our prime assets. Sited along the east bluff of the Mississippi River near where Iowa, Missouri and Illinois meet, Quincy is the natural center of the Tri-State area.

quincy-air-150x150The river has long been a natural highway for the agricultural produce and industrial output of the area, as well as a significant recreational resource. Barges ply the river through from spring to fall, carrying grains, beans, and minerals.

Extensive effort and money has gone into making the web of highways and interstate that connect the Tri-States with the greater Midwest.

The Avenue of the Saints from St. Paul to New Orleans passes just across the river and helps carry many of the goods turned out in Quincy’s more than 100 manufacturing plants.

I-72 and I-172 pass to the east and south and are vital cross-country connectors. Quincy is an hour from the capital in Springfield and just two hours from St. Louis. Chicago is a five hour train ride to the northeast.

Rail links Quincy to commercial centers such as Chicago, St. Louis and Kansas City, and does so without intruding on the quality of life.

Quincy’s airport to the east of town has multiple daily flights, charters and private facilities. Build in 1972, the terminal is another of Quincy’s signature architectural structures.

Whether by road or rail, air or water, Quincy is the center of a regional transportation network that ensures we stay a vital, connected part of the country.