Jobs & Economy

Jobs & Economy

Quincy’s economy is robust and stable, thanks to several factors. Our commitment to education, both academic and vocational, means a capable and responsible workforce.

Our location in the very heart of America’s heartland makes Quincy an obvious distribution hub, while our extensive road, rail and water transportation systems make us an efficient one as well.

Abundant natural resources are another prime advantage, particularly the Mississippi River and the vast agricultural belt that surrounds Quincy.

Bucking national trends, Quincy is home to an large and thriving manufacturing base. More than 100 manufacturer’s turn out an incredible array of products.

The two largest are Gardner Denver, a Quincy fixture for over 150 years, is a world leading provider of compressed air, vacuum and fluid transfer technologies and Titan Wheel, the world’s largest manufacturer of off-highway wheels.

Between them, Gardner Denver and Titan Wheel generate more than $3 billion in annual revenues. Other large manufacturers include Quincy Compressor, Knapheide Manufacturing and Archer Daniels Midland.

A vibrant electronics industry supplies products as varied as television transmitters, radio equipment, and wireless communications equipment. Quincy was a pioneer in electronic communications. Harris Broadcast, Glenayre Electronics, and Broadcast Electronics are examples of these types of businesses.

Service businesses provide another economic foundation in the area, and are exemplified by companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, AMCON Distributing, Niemen Foods, and Kirlin’s Hallmark.

Of course agriculture is a large part of our economy, both from producers (farmers to the rest of us) to processors to distributors. Quincy is surrounded by rolling fields of corn, soybean and cereals and these in turn fuel not only our bodies but the local and regional economy as well.

In short, Quincy has a strong and diverse business base that sits on foundations of quality education and excellent location.