There’s just something about the way Quincy’s residents embrace their community. A park district that encompasses forty parks doesn’t come without cost, nor do great schools.

Our artistic and cultural institutions contribute greatly to the quality of life in Quincy, while requiring funds themselves.

And it’s in funding these and literally hundreds of other causes that Quincy’s forty thousand residents “punch above their weight.”

Each cultural organization has its own foundation or association, while every year someone with a vision and the energy to see it through starts a new one…

“Trees for Tomorrow,” while less than five years old, has become a phenomenon, for instance. Its goal is to restore and reinforce the beautiful canopies of trees that have traditionally lined the town’s streets, and it has been embraced by individual citizens, civic groups and government.

Quincy is home to dozens of civic and service organizations. There are two Rotary clubs, three Kiwanis clubs, and a host of other service clubs such as Lions, Optimist and Jaycees.

Religious organizations such as the Knights of Columbus are fixtures in the community, rallying their congregants and neighbors to help the less fortunate. A state-of-the-art Kroc Salvation Army Center is under construction and will soon be providing services to thousands of needy folks.

Quincy, Illinois believes in itself and in its people. From this has come a century and a half of dedication to funding, volunteering and appreciating a staggering number of non-profit and charitable organizations.