Life in Quincy

Life in Quincy

Arts & Culture


Most new residents to Quincy, Illinois are stunned to find a large, vibrant and thriving cultural scene. Symphonies, theater, visual arts and one of the country’s most extensive architectural heritages enlighten residents and visitors alike.


Midwestern too is Quincy’s commitment to community and a dedication to continually creating a better life for our children and us.


Much of Quincy’s prosperity and quality of life hinges on our tremendous educational systems. Primary to post-graduate educational opportunities keep Quincy residents educated and our businesses competitive.

Healthcare Hub

As a center for regional medical care, Quincy has grown into a surprisingly large hub for healthcare in the greater Tri-States and beyond.

Jobs & Economy

Quincy’s economy is strong as bedrock and more than holding its own against global competition. Manufacturing to agriculture, electronics to elevators, Quincy businesses are competitive, dynamic, and driven by a solid Midwestern work ethic.

Location & Transportation

Quincy is centrally located regionally and nationally, and serviced by an extensive road, rail, air, and river infrastructure.

Parks & Neighborhoods

Discover two of the elements that make Quincy a unique and desirable place to live.


Boutique bookstores to big-box retailers, plus a bustling historic business district with a dynamic downtown, Quincy offers a diverse shopping experience.